August 26, 2016

Lets Act has been running drama classes in London and Yorkshire for over 9 years. Our drama classes are designed to be suitable for everyone. At Lets Act we are passionate about giving confidence to young people through developing their performance skills.

Funny girl - must see show

Great theatre makes you laugh, cry and feel. Funny girl did all this and more! I am a massive fan of the film with Barbara Streisand so had high expectations. This can often can lead to disappointment when a show doesn't live up to my hopes but Sheridan Smith delivered more than I thought possible! She was incredible and took the whole audience on Fanny's journey.

Sheridan was born in Doncaster and is a figure for all Lets Act children to aspire to be! She worked hard and fought for everything that she has. Last night Sheridan took the time to speak to every single person who waited outside the stage door for her, often for a few minutes. 

I believe that Sheridan is proof that if you work hard and aim for the sky you will reach the stars! Believe in yourself children, it doesn't matter where you come from or how much money you have talent and hard work will always win.