September 08, 2016

Lets Act has been running drama classes in London and Yorkshire for over 9 years. Our drama classes are designed to be suitable for everyone. At Lets Act we are passionate about giving confidence to young people through developing their performance skills.

Why take drama classes?

Drama and musical theatre classes are fantastic for improving childrens confidence and wellbeing. The friends I made at my childhood drama school have remained my friends for life! Not all children feel that they fit in at main stream school, with the large numbers of children of all ages it can be quite intimidating. Drama class provides a safe and nurturing environment where children can be themselves, have their own opinion and grow.

As a child I was quite outspoken and didn't always behave..... I attended a nursery class run by nuns and was asked to leave as I kept biting the other children, my mum felt lost, upset and alone. Not all children are the same and its important to find a language that you and your child both understand. I didn't cope well with being told off , this led to me feeling frustrated and angry making my behaviour worse. Drama gave me an opportunity to let loose and be myself, through this my behaviour improved.

If I can give anything to my students I want them to take away a feeling of self worth and importance from our classes. They are special because they are them! Every little quirk they have is what makes them individual and special. Drama is one of the only activities that doesn't force children to conform, the more individual they are the better!