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Confidence building
Character development
Stage and screen training

Classes are designed to train young actors who are serious about the Performing Arts industry. We work on all elements of Acting and Musical Theatre training including work for TV auditions, plays and musicals. All our productions take place in real theatres. All of our themes and scripts are carefully selected to support the national curriculum. SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development) Is a new area to Ofsted that we support in our classes.

Overall class objectives

  • Train children to a professional level in performing and recorded arts.
  • Enhance communication. Improve confidence.
  • Unlock creativity and develop character building.
  • Develop individuality. Improve children’s articulation.
  • Gain confidence and develop creativity.

Our ACTING classes are designed to

  • Improve confidence and individuality
  • Develop Articulation and pronunciation 
  • Teach children all aspects of acting including working for stage and screen
  • Enhance children’s imaginations and character-building skills. 
  • Develop communication skills.
  • Give students a feeling of self worth.