Confidence building

These are our most popular classes. Children come for two hours and enjoy 55 minutes acting a 10-minute break then 55 of singing with musical theatre movement. We use scripts from music theatre international and all shows are performed in real theatres.

Acting 55 minutes
10 minute snack break
Musical theatre 55 minutes

About music theatre International 

Developed by renowned educators and designed to be perfect musical theatre productions for children and teenagers alike. The music is written in keys that are appropriate for developing voices and we ensure everyone gets a part with plenty of lines. Our previous MTI shows include Aladdin, Aristocats, Jungle Book, Les Miserables, Beauty and the Beast, Into the Woods and Annie. All children receive a real script from MTI that has everything the children need to work on their performances at home between classes. 

All of our themes and scripts are carefully selected to support the national curriculum. SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development) Is a new area to Ofsted that we support in our classes.

Our Singing classes are designed to -

  • Teach children how to read music.
  • Improve children’s vocal range.
  • Enhance knowledge on different singing styles and genres.
  • Teach children how to understand song words.
  • Improve co – ordination and fitness with the added dance movements.

Our Drama classes are designed to -

  • Improve confidence
  • Develop Articulation and pronunciation
  • Enhance children’s imaginations and character building skills.
  • Develop communication skills
  • Prepare children for acting on stage and screen.

Lets Act is different because we aren’t a big franchise.

Lets Act is a family run business with family and excellent training at our heart.

Our children do well and advance because we care. Miss Amy, Mrs Ruth the Doncaster manager or Miss Lizzy the office manager are only ever a telephone call away and are always happy to meet for a coffee with parents to discuss the development of their child.

We have a beautiful office at our Doncaster school where you can book a meeting with Mrs Ruth and enjoy a cup of tea whilst making plans!

We have links with a top children's agency and our children can be seen on many commercial’s and TV shows.