Toddlers and Us Clapham

Welcome to toddlers and us.
Our classes are designed to be a safe, supportive environment for mums to come, make friends, develop their little ones speech/ communication skills and have fun.
What to expect - 
We will take you all on magical journeys each week that will inspire the children’s minds with the different puppets and sensory equipment we use. Parents you will take part with the children! Singing/ speaking and dancing with your little one develops their speech and cognitive skills. We will also finish with calming breathing exercises to ensure you leave feeling calm and ready to take on the world!
Why we feel parents need our class - 
Having a toddler can be hardwork. You are no longer just thinking for yourself. Sometimes you can feel isolated and exhausted. We want our classes to be a highlight to your week where you can come, make new friends and forget about the outside world.
What we ask of you - 
Generally in our classes anything goes but we do have 1 rule…. please don't talk to eachother whilst the teacher is running the session. The children find this very distracting and can disengage with the lesson. Please put all your focus onto enjoying the class with your little one. Speak the poems to them- sing the songs with them - Freshground is an AWESOME coffee shop and is open before and after the session for fabulous coffee. We will start a whats app parents group so you guys can all make plans for play dates etc and offer each other support during the week. 
What to wear - 
Please wear clothing suitable for movement - both parent and toddler. Remove shoes on arrival to the studio- please avoid tights. The last 10 minutes of every session we will be looking at breathing techniques (for parents) this will involve both parent and toddler lying on the floor. If you wish to bring a yoga matt to lie on that's fine!  
The class will start at 11.15 and finish at 12.05. Between 12.05 - 12.15 please feel free to chat to the teacher/ each other whilst putting on shoes etc.
Where are we?
Classes are held in the basement studio of Fresh ground coffee shop!

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