Mini musical theatre - Brave Bears and Supportive Squirrels

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      10:00 - 11:30 (Ages 3-4 Years)

      TEACHER: Miss Marina and Miss Mia 

      VENUE: Belleville School, 5th Floor, Webbs Road, London SW11 6PR 
  • Our mini musical theatre syllabus is underpinned by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which sets the standards for learning, development and care of a child from birth to 5 years old.

    Here at Let’s Act we choose to create our classes and activities to link with and promote the following areas of learning, thereby supporting your child to have the best early learning experience to promote their all-round development.

    The 7 key areas of the EYFS are:

    • Communication and Language
    • Physical development
    • Personal, social and emotional development (PSED)
    • Literacy
    • Mathematics
    • Understanding the world
    • Expressive arts and design


    We make reference to these areas of learning, within our lesson plans and at the back of each of our bespoke, class stories.

     All materials have been written by Miss Amy, a qualified speech and drama teacher and Miss Liz, a primary school teacher, and previous assistant headteacher (PGCE and Masters in Educational Studies) both with over 15 years experience of working with and teaching children aged 3 -18.


    Aims of our classes:

    • To develop children's speech (articulation)        
    • To introduce new vocabulary
    • To grow self-esteem and emotional intelligence (understanding of self and others)         
    • To encourage individuality and self-expression

    Classes are both imagination and script based. In our first section of the class children take part in a weekly MAGICAL ADVENTURE where all themes are taken from the EYFS. This changes every week and involves a problem that the children need to solve using their singing and performance skills. Our rainbow parachute is used so that we can go on a magical journey to help our character of the week, every class involves learning a NEW POEM! 

     Next we work on our show! This term it is – Chilly Milly! We play fun games, sing songs, share poems and create characters to improve children’s confidence and articulation! 

    We finish our session with Marvin’s musical Melodies – Every week Marvin will pop out from where he has been hiding and teach the children a new musical theatre song and dance from their favourite films!



  • Class Information 

  • About The Musical Theatre School

    Shirley Hughes - wrote Miss Amy's favourite childhood book. 

    Young children are naturally dramatic. Their world is full of new and interesting experiences and they find excitement in the smallest things. Come and join Lets Act today and your children will find a new world of adventure and excitement in the wonderful world of dramatic art!  In the musical theatre classes children explore new characters, poems and stories! We sing songs, go on rainbow journeys and learn about rhythm with musical shakers.

    Young children are kinaesthetic learners, they develop most when they are hands on and engaging their muscles and brain. We use puppets, parachutes, bubbles and rainbow ribbons to engage the children's imaginations, which they love! All

    Baby and Junior drama classes have a teaching assistant -Mr Daniel to ensure all children are supported and quieter children are included and encouraged.

    Classes Are Designed To:

    * Build children’s confidence.
    * Develop speech patterns and communication.
    * Encourage students to develop eye contact when speaking.
    * Inspire children to speak in a modulated voice, emphasising keywords

    * Gain an understanding of Rhythm.
    * Sing clearly so all words can be heard.
    * Improve children’s vocal range
    * Enhance knowledge of song words

    Children who attend drama and musical theatre classes with Lets Act Drama School gain self-confidence, have excellent communication skills and show developed social skills. Our job is to train young performers to a professional level.

    Lets Act children this year alone have gained parts in - Emmerdale, Doctors, CBBC Wolf Blood, Nintendo commercial, Thompson holidays commercial, Thomas cook commercial, Ella's Kitchen commercial, Ballet Lorent - Snow White and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

  • Terms & Conditions Of Membership

    This agreement sets out the terms and conditions that will govern the relationship between us, Lets Act Drama Classes Limited and you the Parent/Guardian. It is a legally binding agreement.

    These Rules are important to maintain standards and to ensure that all students gain the maximum benefit from their classes. Any free trial (taster session) is strictly at the approval of the Principal, subject to availability and does not guarantee a place at Lets Act Drama School. A free trial may not be claimed in retrospect.

    Fees are divided into monthly payments to make fees simple. You will be billed on and around the 1st of every calendar month until your subscription ends or you notify us of termination. The notice period required is 4 weeks. Class timetables and teachers are subject to change from time to time without notice. In order to avoid disturbing classes, you and your child are requested to arrive in good time.

    Entrance to classes may be barred to anyone arriving more than 15 minutes late. Lets Act reserves the right to change the day, time and location of the sessions and payment information. Should this be restrictive to attendance the minimum notice period will be waived. In the event that you do not make the membership fee payments when due, the right to send the child to attend any classes will be withdrawn, until payment is received and brought up to date. If your account falls into arrears on more than three occasions during any one calendar year we reserve the right to terminate your membership with immediate effect. At the end of the minimum membership period your membership will automatically continue unless either party cancels by giving the other at least one month's notice.

    Payment is due on the first of each month. Payment must be made by Recurring Billing charged to your card on the first purchase with Lets Act Drama Classes. Late fees will incur a £5.00 admin fee. We reserve the right to use any individual or group photographs or video of your child for press or promotional purposes. Where reasonably possible we will ask you to sign a use of image rights form to consent to this usage.

    A four week notice period is required for termination of membership and can only be given in writing to Lets Act Drama Classes The time of receipt (not sending) shall be the time of commencement of the notice period.

    I grant permission to the staff of Lets Act Drama School (Herein after referred to as Lets Act), to take first aid or emergency measures as judged necessary for the care and protection of my child while under the supervision of Lets Act. In case of medical emergency, I understand that my child will be transported to an appropriate medical facility by the local emergency unit for treatment if the emergency unit deems it to be necessary.

    I understand that in some medical situations the staff will need to contact the emergency services before the child’s parent/guardian. I also agree that the Parents or legal guardians are responsible for any expenses incurred. I agree to hold harmless from any and all liability Lets Act, its officers, and employees both in their professional capacity and personally for any injuries or illnesses resulting from or in anyway connected with his or her participation in classes, activities or special events held by Lets Act.

    I understand that it is Lets Acts policy that while under supervision of Lets Act no child is allowed to leave the building unattended without prior written permission, and that the parent/ guardian assumes full responsibility for the actions and behaviour of the child.

    I know that all Lets Act Staff are DBS checked and adhere to child protection laws and policies which indicates that any information which suggests that a child has been abused will be passed onto the social services department and/or the police.



We are not a franchise! Lets Act is a family run business, with family values at its heart!
Principal Miss Amy Shone is a qualified Speech and drama teacher. She is a member of the LAMDA teachers association and The Society Of Teachers Of Speech And Drama ( STSD)



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